Tour dates for the Specials

Well, folks, here it is. This is compliments of PollStar.  These are as of 4/1/98.

Date *****Location*****Venue

 03/28/98*****Snoqualmie, WA*****Summit

03/29/98*****Seattle, WA*****RKCNDY

03/30/98*****Spokane, WA*****Met

03/31/98*****Dillon, MT*****Western Montana College

04/01/98*****Salt Lake City, UT*****DV8

04/02/98*****Fort Collins, CO*****Aggie Theatre

04/05/98*****Denver, CO*****Bluebird Theater

04/06/98*****Lawrence, KS*****Granada Theatre

04/08/98*****Chicago, IL*****Metro

04/10/98*****Detroit, MI*****Majestic Theatre

04/12/98*****Burlington, VT*****Club Toast

04/14/98*****Providence, RI*****Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel

04/15/98*****Portland, ME*****Stone Coast Brewing Co.

04/16/98*****Norwalk, CT*****Globe Theatre

04/17/98*****Boston, MA*****Avalon

04/20/98*****NewYork, NY*****Irving Plaza

04/22/98*****Philadelphia, PA*****Theatre Of Living Arts


The image above is from an album cover.  All copyrights belong to the appropriate people. None to me.
Thank you.  -Christine