In 1979 The Specials released "Gangsters" and made their success on the U.K. music scene.   Between the years of 1979 and 1981, The Specials had seven top ten singles as well as two top five albums.  The Specials also formed their own record label which is named 2 Tone Records.
Original Members
Vocals:  Terry Hall and Neville Staples
Guitars: Lynval Golding and Roddy Radiation
Keyboards: Jerry Dammers
Bass: Sir Horace Gentlemen
Drums: John "Brad" Bradbury
Special Guest (alot): Rico Rodriguez, Jamaican trombonist

In 1981, Terry, Neville, and Lynval left the Specials to form Fun Boy Three.  Soon after those three left Roddy left to form his own band called Roddy Radiation and the Tearjerkers.  This is when Jerry, Brad, and Horace kept the original sound with the name Special AKA.  They got new band members and got special guests to fill in the gaps to record the album In The Studio.
In America, The Specials have gathered loyal and supportive fans.  They have never reached the popularity and commercial success that they recieved in the UK.  Many of their singles were never released as singles in the US, they have only appeared as album tracks. -Paraphrased from the liner notes of "The Specials: The Singles Collection"(1991).

Some new NEWS. The Specials are touring and below under the appropriate link is the dates for this year. I am sure they will come around again, so all you that cannot see them because they aren't coming to your city, they might in another tour. Also, I know this place isn't graphics heavy or actually really good right now, but I am really trying. With school and everything I don't have a J-O-B to get money to help update this, however, this summer brings many promising things- the abitility to access my full CD collection and my personal library of information. So, I hope that at least one has positive thoughts as they grace this page with their presence. In the meantime, chill out, skank, and beat up boneheads...hehe you don't really have to do that but it would be fun, right? Anyways, This thing will change daily once May rolls around and my summer class doesn't kill me to bad. So hopefully come August, when I go on vacation, this page will be exactly what I wanted it to be or maybe better. SOme more news-the Specials have a new album out. I was just informed of this yesterday and my contact just said, go out and get it...he says it's really good. Unfortunately, I only talk to this person once in a blue moon, so I couldn't get the name or anything. I am sure your local record store has it though or at least knows of it.
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