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Well, here it is, my little addition to the Internet ska scene. Well, before you enter you might want to know that I am a strict tradtionalist when it comes to ska, can appreciate the music of the 3rd and 4th wave, but I cannot listen to it too long. I guess I am pretty old school. Well, if you want to visit my site please click in the picture of our beloved *snicker* Former President Ronald Reagan. I can tell you that on this page are some graphics and of course some links and tour dates. I can tell you that is you ever get a chance to see the Specials in concert please do. You not only get to see a great band, but you get to have cool local bands open up as well as other opening acts. If you want to talk, are stalking me or want to leave a message about improving the site or something you can get ahold of me by the ICQ panel below. Keep skankin', Christine. 
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