This is the most boring page of them all but necessary.
I scanned everything, I am a thief.  Don't take me to jail, I told Neville of this webpage when I saw him this summer.  He seemed pretty excited that someone would be doing it. They have their own page.  That their roadie works on. It is awesome. Go visit it. I don't know the link, but pick it up at WWW.YAHOO.COM.  I like the Specials, they are an awesome band.  Don't sue me cause it will be like getting blood from a stone cause I'm just a poor college student with no assets (hint hint).  I have yet to give credit to the background lady who made the background, I will do that soon, as for the scanned jpgs, they are from the Specials album.  Titled: The Specials.  I think this covers it all. Oh, a few jpgs, are from the internet, I don't know who they belong too, if you are pissed cause I stole your graphics, email me, well talk about it. Thank you.