Some Little Bits o' Misfits Information

Let me start off by thanking Jeff, not only for putting up with me for 10 days, but giving me most of the information that is on this page.  I also  would like to say I had a great time.

1977 Misfits line up
Glenn Danzig
Jerry Only
Franche Coma
Mr Jim - replaced Manny
Bobby Steele - replaced Franche Coma
Doyle - replaced Bobby Steele
Bobby Steele left and started the band The Undead
Arthur Googy - replaced Mr. Jim
In 1983 Arthur Googy and Glenn had a disagreement over cheesburgers in McDonalds and left the band.
Robo - replaced Arthur Googy
This is the lineup where there was more recognition, and according to some, this is considered the best lineup of the Misfits.
Robo is formally of Black Flag
October 31, 1983
Brian damage played one song in the set and couldn;t cut it, so Eerie Von (in Rosemary's Babies- they were opening for the Misfits at that show) played drums for them.
Later Glenn and Eerie joined to form Samhain.

Okay, that is the history, as I have it, it still  will be reviewed by the local historian, so hopefully, I have it all right.  My notes from Casa Morales are a little hard to read.  There is also more to come!

Little bits of more
I have a CD (import) titled Kill Your Baby.  It is a live album of a concert in New York.  It is the concert where the Undead (with Bobby Steele) opened up for the Misfits, and at one point in the concert, one of the Undead fans goads Glenn a bit too much and he gets pissed off and says some interesting things about Bobby Steele.  (All in time with the music!) Audio coming soon.

Here is the Fiend Club information for all to have.  You have a yearly due of like 5 dollars or something.  Back in the old days, one had to send in a skull in order to be a member.  With being a member of the Fiend Club, you get the Misfits newsletter and you are privy to some great Fiend Club Only stuff.  Such as the new CD:  Evillive 2.  Plus, you can get straight up info on their tours.
Fiend Club
Okay, this is smaller than I thought. Soon as I figure something out, bear with me! Please! :)

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